[Can pregnant women eat chicken essence]_Chicken essence_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat chicken essence]_Chicken essence_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Chicken essence is a seasoning and is often used in cooking. Chicken essence has some auxiliary functions. Many people like to eat chicken essence, but they can’t touch chicken essence.

Pregnant women are the key protection group. There are additives in chicken essence, which are not good for pregnant women and fetuses, so pregnant women cannot eat chicken essence.


Pregnant women cannot eat chicken essence.

The main ingredient of chicken essence is sodium glutamate and some flavoring seasonings. Sodium glutamate is the main ingredient for its freshness, but it is still controversial whether this substance is safe and healthy. The diet during pregnancy needs to ensure safety and health.It is best not to eat chicken essence.

Can pregnant women eat chicken essence?

Inhibition of vitamin growth and development Chicken essence contains 40% sodium glutamate. At a higher concentration, sodium glutamate can inhibit the absorption of calcium, magnesium and other substances in food by metabolism. Calcium is a traditional Chinese medicine for bone growth. During pregnancyToo little absorption will inhibit growth and development. Therefore, not only chicken essence cannot be eaten during pregnancy, but it is not suitable for too much consumption during lactation.


Inhibition of toxic intellectual development Chicken essence After eating, its sodium glutamate will combine with zinc in the human body to form zinc glutamate, which is difficult to absorb and absorb. If chicken essence is consumed for a long period of pregnancy, it will cause zinc deficiency, It has a serious inhibitory effect on the fetal intellectual development.


The diet during pregnancy that causes deformities is mostly cooked, which is different from chicken essence and monosodium glutamate. Chicken essence needs to be put in earlier to ensure its dissolution, but sodium glutamate will be converted to pyroglutamic acid at high temperatureSodium is carcinogenic and teratogenic, so it is not suitable for pregnant women.


Causal sodium glutamate in osteoporosis chicken essence that causes pregnancy can inhibit calcium absorption in food. From the fourth month of pregnancy, pregnant women also need to add calcium. Therefore, eating too much chicken essence during pregnancy will directly lead to insufficient pregnancy.Calcium, severe and possibly even pregnancy osteoporosis.