[Can confinement eat tremella]_ Tremella _ confinement _ can I eat

[Can confinement eat tremella]_ Tremella _ confinement _ can I eat

Women urgently need to add a variety of nutrition during confinement, but they cannot supplement it blindly. To understand the method of healthy nutritional supplement, Tremella is a food with high nutritional value, and it also has a good nourishing effect on the parturient.Eat white fungus.

First, can confinement eat white fungus?

Can you eat Tremella during breastfeeding?

1. Female friends during confinement are prone to calcium deficiency, because during breastfeeding, no matter how much calcium is contained in their blood, a certain amount of calcium will be given to the child through milk every day, thus the child’s nutritional needs.

Therefore, breastfeeding women are a high incidence of osteoporosis.

Tremella vitamin D can prevent the loss of calcium, can regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the human body, help metabolism and absorption of calcium, maintain bone strength, and prevent osteoporosis.

2, breastfeeding mothers in the confinement because breast milk replacement, therefore, to improve their immunity and reduce the chance of getting sick, so as not to affect the baby.

In normal times, in addition to improving immunity through physical exercise, nursing mothers can also eat foods that can enhance immunity.

The active ingredient acidic polysaccharides in Tremella fuciformis can enhance the body’s immunity.

3, everyone believes that pregnancy and lactation need to increase time to supplement, to provide sufficient energy for new mothers’ production and breastfeeding, but many new mothers have overestimated the need for increased transfers, a large increase in food intake, which also ledobesity.

The precipitated fibers in Tremella can help gastrointestinal motility, reduce slight absorption, and achieve the effect of weight loss.

Therefore, Tremella can be eaten during confinement.

Second, can a woman eat Tremella?

Do Cesarean Capacity Eat Tremella?

1. Tremella is rich in natural botanical gums. With its soothing effect, long-term use can moisturize and remove melasma and freckles on the face.

If you make a soup with apples, you can make the skin delicate, smooth, rosy and shiny.

2. Postpartum women are relatively weak, so the defecation strength is weakened. In addition, vegetables and fruits are eaten less. Postpartum constipation often occurs.

The precipitated fibers in Tremella can help with gastrointestinal peristalsis, which can help prevent maternal constipation.

If eaten with purple sweet potatoes, the effect of laxative is better.

3. Calcium still has a very important effect on the postpartum mother. If you do not pay attention, the maternal is prone to calcium loss, which will affect the recovery of the body and the baby caused by breast milk.

Tremella Vitamin D can prevent the loss of calcium and help your baby’s growth and development.

4. Toxic medical research also proves that a variety of carbohydrates isolated from Tremella also have a significant inhibitory effect on malignant tumors.

If you take Tremella soup regularly, you can also rejuvenate your skin.

To sum up, mothers can eat tremella.

Natural Caesarean section can also eat Tremella.

Third, precautions for maternal consumption of Tremella fuciformis, Tremella poisoning is caused by Flavobacterium exotoxin.

Flavobacterium exotoxin causes severe damage to the human brain, liver and kidneys every year.

Headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, hemoptysis, hemoptysis, hematuria, bleeding points throughout the body, yellowing of the skin, coma, smoking, and cerebral edema or liver necrosis and death after eating the deteriorated Tremella fungus 3-7 hours.

When poisoning is found after eating, light people can use 30 grams of licorice, 60 grams of mung beans, 30 grams of white grass root, decoction for the degree of cure.

Severe cases should be hospitalized for symptomatic treatment.

2. Deteriorated dried Tremella is brownish-yellow or greenish-brown, not bright, the shape of the flower is thin, fragile, black spots or orange-red patches on the pedicle, sticky after blisters, and smelly.

In addition, any dry product with a fluffy surface is at risk of mold and should not be eaten.

3, Tremella must be soaked in cold water (all initiated) and then soaked in hot (warm) water for 20-30 minutes, and then rinsed with clean water several times before eating.

Artificially cultivated fresh products should be dried (roasted) and dried immediately after harvesting. Do not cover the mold.

When the acquirer stores it, keep it ventilated and dry to prevent dust from breeding.