[Efficacy and role of pumpkin seedlings]_Effect_Use

[Efficacy and role of pumpkin seedlings]_Effect_Use

Pumpkin is full of treasures, pumpkin flesh can be eaten, pumpkin seeds can also be eaten, pumpkin tips are even more delicious.

Pumpkin vine is also an edible part. Many people like to use pumpkin vine for various alternatives, but it is not recommended for pregnant women to eat pumpkin seedlings. You can understand the efficacy and role of pumpkin seedlings, and understand what kind of people can eat pumpkin seedlings and whatSuch people are not suitable for eating pumpkin seedlings.

First, the efficacy and role of pumpkin vines and taboos About pumpkin vines, the two most common dishes are soup pumpkin seedlings and stir-fried pumpkin seedlings. Due to the need for too many pumpkin tender vines, it is not conducive to the results, the vegetable market is not commonThe ingredients for cooking are better after the rain, rich in nutrition and smooth in taste.

Squash seedlings for soup: Remove the old tendons from the pumpkin vine and pick them up. Boil them with boiling water for two minutes and put them in a container for later use.

Put oil in a wok, add garlic slices, ginger slices, and fry until the surface is slightly yellow.

Add a bowl of clear water (the best is broth), and then add preserved egg pieces (you can also add ham sausage and the like), and cook for about three minutes.

Stir-fried pumpkin seedlings: Remove and clean the pumpkin seedlings, slice garlic cloves, and cut peppers into circles.

Pour the olive oil in the wok and clove the garlic cloves and peppers.

Pour the pumpkin leaves together and stir-fry, add salt to continue.

Add sugar and stir fry until the leaves are soft.

Second, can pumpkin vine pregnant women eat pumpkin vine has the effect of clearing the lungs, and stomach, Tongluo, suitable for tuberculosis, pathology, stomach pain, rheumatic pain, enteritis, dysentery, prostatitis, toothache, prolapse of the anus, breast milk, irregular menstruationWait.

The use of pumpkin vines will inevitably cause collaterals, vasodilation and other effects, so as not to cause miscarriage. For safety, it is recommended not to eat.

Pumpkin vines are cold, and it is best to eat less. Pregnant women can eat more pumpkin seeds and pumpkins. Pumpkins are all treasures, and eating them with confidence will not cause any bad consequences.

Third, the practice of sauteing pumpkin vines 1.

Wash and cut pumpkin vines and soak in salt water for about 10 minutes 2.

Garlic pine cut into pieces 3.

Add oil to the pan and fry the garlic and chopped peppers 4.

Dip the pumpkin vine and stir fry a few times 5.

Cover the pot, about 6 minutes.

Open the lid and add salt and chicken essence and stir well. Four, nutritional effects of pumpkin vine: Qingfei, Hewei, Tongluo.

Treatment of tuberculosis, low fever, stomach pain, irregular menstruation, burns.

① “Renewal of Materia Medica”: Pinggan and stomach, Tong Meridian, blood circulation, nourishing kidney water.

Govern the liver wind, nourish the blood, adjust the manager’s energy, and go to the winds.

② “Chinese herbal medicine commonly used in Shanghai”: clearing heat.

Treatment of tuberculosis and low fever.